Monday, 23 July 2012

Pampam falls to Hoyohoy Beach

2nd time in Pampam falls was unforgettable, we spent time to enjoy 
and to swim.

for those who haven't read my 1st post about
the lovely falls. 
click herePampam Falls

hello Pam! 
still looking great!

we arrived at 11:30am and ate lunch and yay off to the inviting 
cold water for a swim.

 ice cold water, so refreshing for a very humid day!

enjoying the water rush~ 

trekking back was really tiring. 

we called the motorcycle driver to fetch us and told him to 
drop us at Hoyohoy. 

I'am a beach lover! 

last bond for the next few months with the lover :/

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

FUN shoot ♥

Just a week ago, my bestfriend Richard texted me that
we'll be having a fun shoot as a gift for us.

so yesterday July 11, 2012
we really had a great time.

I love my friends, they always wanted
to give us gifts.. now i'm waiting for my other friends
gift for us! LOL

Richard Michael Sanchez
visit his FB account: Ricmicx Studio

Faith Page Taganajan

Airah Haria Casia

Ma. Cristina Falls Nature Park