Sunday, 25 December 2011


it's my first time to spent Christmas with out the family..
thought it would be a BLUE Christmas but I really had fun
with my friends.

 was busy cooking for foods for our NOCHE BUENA

 I really LOVE!!! my henna tattoo.
reminds me of my cat in Iligan :[

 me and my friends at BORACAY RESIDENCES


 Poor Piggy!


 got a feathered earrings yeeey!!
from Mr. Tatsuya Segawa my Manito

 us friends with our neighbor Andrew Rolls in unit 4 :)))

Happy Holidays!
Happy Birthday Jesus! <3

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Take a Break

my mind was preoccupied for what had happened in
iligan city and cdeo
it was so depressing knowing that some friends are still missing..
some friends died. :'(

Please do pray for those who are in need.

as much as I want to go home and help my fellow iliganons.
my mom won't let me. :[

my comfort food. "pizza"
had dinner along the front beach at Ambassador in Paradise
station 1 Boracay

Monday, 12 December 2011



after a long day havin fun at the beach..
me and my buddy wanna try something new for our taste buds..

 best seller in the house

 poor lil' Lobster..

mouth watering foods XD

 soooo FULL

Obama Grill 
located station 1 Boracay :]

Helmet Diving

we were bored yesterday (sunday) so we decided to go out swimmin'
but ended up trying the HELMET DIVING :]

picture taking before conquering the deep blue sea..

 struggling.. XD

had fun with the fishes.. :]

Friday, 2 December 2011

Crazy Appetite

i was kinda bored, so i went to d'mall..
wanted to go shopping but was freakin hungry.

lemme share my favorite lite snacks in the island.

sad to say Iligan doesnt have any Crazy crepes in the mall. XD

 love cookies and cream :]

 me alone.. with bunch of Koreans! LOL

Haven't seen a branch of Potato Corner in the island..
but here is where i always eat fries in D'mall

potato madness at its best...
beside RUMBAS center of D'mall
Boracay :]

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Love for Italian Pizza

so me and my friends were cravin' for some Italian pizza,

we decided to eat at Don Vito Restorante Italiano
located at Mandarin Island Resort,
beach front, station 2, Boracay 

 cool ambiance ;]
quadro pizza XD

seafood pizza
 family size pizza 500 ~ 600

 oreo shake at its best... XD


ferrero rocher and white chocolate flavors..
sooooo yummy!~

lots of flavors to choose from.. :]
only 100 pesos 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Love for BIG MOUTH

 Big Mouth is easy to locate cause
it can be found in the center of D'mall in Boracay
beside ANDOKS chicken haus!

chicken terriyaki and blue iced tea 
my favoooooorite dish in the resto..

they also have some sizzling meat to sizzling sea foods

and they got the biggest HALO-HALO
in the island :]

actual size of their halo-halo
only for 199 pesos!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Love for Coffee Shake :]

Coffee Shake Recipe 
( 5 servings )

coffee powder instant - 3 tsp
milk -5 cups
sugar - 5 tsp
ice cubes

Take a bowl add coffee powder add hot water mix well.


ice cubes


Take a blender add ice cubes, coffee mixture, milk and blend it

 finished product

Pour it in a glass  

 and if you like add ice cream on top or sprinkle coffee powder or grate cholate.