Monday, 23 July 2012

Pampam falls to Hoyohoy Beach

2nd time in Pampam falls was unforgettable, we spent time to enjoy 
and to swim.

for those who haven't read my 1st post about
the lovely falls. 
click herePampam Falls

hello Pam! 
still looking great!

we arrived at 11:30am and ate lunch and yay off to the inviting 
cold water for a swim.

 ice cold water, so refreshing for a very humid day!

enjoying the water rush~ 

trekking back was really tiring. 

we called the motorcycle driver to fetch us and told him to 
drop us at Hoyohoy. 

I'am a beach lover! 

last bond for the next few months with the lover :/

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

FUN shoot ♥

Just a week ago, my bestfriend Richard texted me that
we'll be having a fun shoot as a gift for us.

so yesterday July 11, 2012
we really had a great time.

I love my friends, they always wanted
to give us gifts.. now i'm waiting for my other friends
gift for us! LOL

Richard Michael Sanchez
visit his FB account: Ricmicx Studio

Faith Page Taganajan

Airah Haria Casia

Ma. Cristina Falls Nature Park

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Love for Cats

I was inspired to write a blog about my cats 
because of Kai Darul's post about her lil' cute kitties.

I love cats ever since, I could still remember we 
had 15 stray cats back then.  As of now I have 5 stray cats
 1 Siamese and 2 half Siamese cats.

Upper Left: Sugar & Santana; Upper Right: Santana & Pokemon
Lower Left: Misty; Lower Right: Quinn

Samantha "SAM" Jones

Lower Left: Luna; Lower Right: Bianca

If some names are familiar to you, well, I'm a GLEEK! :)
I got their names (Quinn, Sugar & Santana)  from the TV series "Glee". 

Also I got the name Samantha Jones from the 
TV series  "Sex and the City".
And if you happen to see the TV program by GMA 7 got the idea Luna, Bianca
since Luna is all black like the kid from the show. 

I love them all, but our favorite are Sam and her two babies (Luna & Bianca)
Sam was just a gift from the owner of the Resort where I stayed in Boracay. He can't 
really take good care of Sam since he has 3 dogs in the resort that really hate cats.

If you want a quiet cat, well, a Siamese cat isn't for you.
they're very noisy and loud. They are really playful and demanding of attention.
And lastly, if you want to sleep with them make sure your pillow
is big, cause they want to sleep on it too. :)

Playtime with her cute kitties! <3

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dodiongan Falls

Dodiongan Falls

Located at Brgy. Bonbonon, Iligan City, 14km away from the city proper.

How to get here?

1. Ride a Dalipuga/ Sta. Felomina jeepney, tell the driver to drop you off to 
Barinaut crossing. ( Fare: 7php)
2. From there you can see lots of single motorcycle/ "habal-habal", tell the 
driver that you want to go to Dodiongan Falls. (Fare: 30php/head)

* NOTE: you can tell the motorcycle driver to pick you up,
there is no cellphone signal
so be sure to tell the time you want the driver to be back.

first glimpse of the way will be trekking, honestly i'm a bit nervous.
it's like a disaster thanks to Typhoon Sendong for the damages!
We just followed a tip from a blog about Dodiongan to follow the
river path to lead us to the falls.

and yes we did, it's a ROCKY ROAD i must say!
many of our friends warned us that the way is dangerous because
of the damages of Sendong, but it didn't stopped us...

at the end of the river, yes a beautiful site awaits us,
it was a breathtaking view, in my mind i was like
"it's all worth it"

we ate lunch then after we took some photos,
yes these are my adventuremates LOL!
highschool friends and of course the boyfriend.

our background is so lovely!

it's not easy to climbed that rock! 
well for the sake of the beautiful waterfalls.

Ending the Last Day of Summer RIGHT! 

Lesson Learned about the Experience:

"Don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path,
sometimes they're the ones that take you
to the best places" 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pampam Falls

Pampam Falls

Another best way to enjoy summer is to visit one of the 
23 waterfalls here in my home town, Iligan City

Pampam Falls is located at Kalubihon Brgy. Dalipuga, Iligan City
you can take a jeepney ride and just ask the driver to drop you off at the
crossing of Kalubihon.

(motorcycle ride)

from there you can ride a single motor / "habal-habal"
just tell them you're going to the falls, automatically 
they will drop you off near in the Kalubihon Elementary School.
Then just ask some locals there where you can pass to go to the waterfalls.

Lucky for us, one of the locals is so kind to be our
tour guide since it's our first time.
It's a 15-20 mins. walk from the school crossing.

Though it's tiring to walk for 18mins.
but it's all worth it. 

The beautiful nature welcomed us
with a very nice view.

Guys, meet Pampam falls. :)
isn't she beautiful? 

the falls is very inviting and it's really cold! 

it's a very nice place to relax!
really, just enjoying the gift of Mother Earth.

of course we couldn't not just go home 
without taking some remembrance 
to that place.

It's my boyfriend's gift/promise to take me here
for our 3rd monthsary.
yes.. it's our 90th day! LOL 

Happy Day! <3

Monday, 21 May 2012

Divine Mercy Shrine

Divine Mercy Shrine

It is located at El Salvador, Misamis Oriental
the city is just near in Cagayan de Oro and an almost 2 hour buss drive 
from Iligan City.

It's easy to locate just tell the buss driver to drop you off to the 
Divine Mercy shrine, from there you have to ride a Singe Motorcycle or "habal-habal"
for 20php and you can text them to pick you up.

It was my boyfriend's idea to take me here,
since I was too busy with my online job.
(the reason why I haven't blogged)

Girls have to wear skirt, well you can rent a skirt at the 
main entrance for only 10php.

This is a perfect place to Pray, Meditate and to escape from reality.
The best view here is the 50ft. statue of Jesus Christ.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lawis River

in a sunny afternoon my boyfriend took me to this place..
cause I was demanding that he will look 
for a place that is peaceful :))

well, there it is! 
Lawis River.. yes the place is not yet that developed,
but its perfect place for nature lovers!

enjoying each others company in cold breezy afternoon <3