Monday, 5 March 2012

Duka Bay Resort

Thursday right after Lolo's burial, me and the fam went straight to Duka Bay Resort in Medina, Misamis Oriental so that we can unwind about Lolo's death.

me, sister and my Mama and Papa (Aunt & Uncle)
 first day on our trip, this pretty girl is my niece Sophie.


 second day, me and my sister was bored so we decided 
to strike some pose everywhere in the resort. LOL

 me getting FAT!

we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at VILLA ALMA,
thought Duka Bay Resort is a white sand beach.. well, unfortunately NOT!
but its alright at least our stay was all free!!! thanks to my Aunt's cousin who owns the Resort! :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your stay and your much needed break after such a sudden incident :) Maybe your aunt's cousin knows my dad too, Duka bay became our constant vacation place since I was a child. The owner was my dad's brother in some org.

    ps: lovely photos cha!

  2. Lovely photos, sis. You look really beautiful as well <3

  3. Every time I stumble here parang adventure! haha Parang vacation lagi? haha Anyway nice place, Big yung room! Pwede na! And you're pretty! Cute dress too! <3

  4. woww summer na summer ka na sis ah! love the picsss. for sure nakapagunwind ka jan! hehe. ;)

  5. wow. summer na talaga! haha!
    I love the place. parang ang lamig tignan. :P

  6. Ako na inggit :( Pano ba naman every time na napapadpad ako dito puro travel post nakikita ko lalo na ngayon na Summer. Wala pa ako ni isang place na napupuntahan.

    Oh well, enjoy always.

  7. Ang coooooooool!!! What a lovely place. Ang ganda naman. Gusto ko din dyan. Haha

  8. you seem to really enjoy your stay there sis. <3
    great photos.