Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pampam Falls

Pampam Falls

Another best way to enjoy summer is to visit one of the 
23 waterfalls here in my home town, Iligan City

Pampam Falls is located at Kalubihon Brgy. Dalipuga, Iligan City
you can take a jeepney ride and just ask the driver to drop you off at the
crossing of Kalubihon.

(motorcycle ride)

from there you can ride a single motor / "habal-habal"
just tell them you're going to the falls, automatically 
they will drop you off near in the Kalubihon Elementary School.
Then just ask some locals there where you can pass to go to the waterfalls.

Lucky for us, one of the locals is so kind to be our
tour guide since it's our first time.
It's a 15-20 mins. walk from the school crossing.

Though it's tiring to walk for 18mins.
but it's all worth it. 

The beautiful nature welcomed us
with a very nice view.

Guys, meet Pampam falls. :)
isn't she beautiful? 

the falls is very inviting and it's really cold! 

it's a very nice place to relax!
really, just enjoying the gift of Mother Earth.

of course we couldn't not just go home 
without taking some remembrance 
to that place.

It's my boyfriend's gift/promise to take me here
for our 3rd monthsary.
yes.. it's our 90th day! LOL 

Happy Day! <3


  1. Nice shots! Cute2 niyo sa photos. Hehe <3

  2. I hate how much natural beauty you get to see. :( Hahaha. So jealous. I'd jump in that falls right away. :P

  3. Happy 3rd monthsary sa inyong 2! Very nice place to celebrate!

  4. Happy 3rd month to you two! :) Shocks, sana may malapit ding falls dito or something. Hihi.

  5. Ganda ganda naman ng falls. Love your photos as well. :)

  6. oh god! that looks so nice, I wanna go swimming in that place. I'm not a fan of swimming but that place is an exception. ;)

  7. It's been weeks since I bumped here! Pero love is in the air pa rin for you and your boyfriend ha! Nice place! Perfect for couples! :)

  8. Beautiful looking waterfalls. I haven't tried swimming sa lake, but I wish I could try soon. Hope you had fun. :)

  9. wooow. ang ganda ng place sis!!! :D
    I remember may ganyang spot din dito saamin..
    super lamig ng tubig noh? hihihihihi... :D

  10. aaaaw cute! Happy 3rd month to you two :D That place looks absolutely lovely and so peaceful :)

  11. the natural beauty.
    I love it! =)
    Such a beautiful place, pwedeng pwede mag muni muni. LOLs.

  12. you guys are so cute. always togetherkahit saan.. talagang bakasyon mode kayo ah! hihihi. ang nice ng pampamfalls. not too high.. very cute. ♥

  13. another nice falls.. haha this is what i love your blog.. you always post nice places.. haha wish i could visit this place too.. and what makes it nice is if your boyfie is with you.. haha the name of the falls is funny,. pampam falls

  14. i love the falls sis.. ang sweet and cute nio together.. ;)