Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Love for Cats

I was inspired to write a blog about my cats 
because of Kai Darul's post about her lil' cute kitties.

I love cats ever since, I could still remember we 
had 15 stray cats back then.  As of now I have 5 stray cats
 1 Siamese and 2 half Siamese cats.

Upper Left: Sugar & Santana; Upper Right: Santana & Pokemon
Lower Left: Misty; Lower Right: Quinn

Samantha "SAM" Jones

Lower Left: Luna; Lower Right: Bianca

If some names are familiar to you, well, I'm a GLEEK! :)
I got their names (Quinn, Sugar & Santana)  from the TV series "Glee". 

Also I got the name Samantha Jones from the 
TV series  "Sex and the City".
And if you happen to see the TV program by GMA 7 got the idea Luna, Bianca
since Luna is all black like the kid from the show. 

I love them all, but our favorite are Sam and her two babies (Luna & Bianca)
Sam was just a gift from the owner of the Resort where I stayed in Boracay. He can't 
really take good care of Sam since he has 3 dogs in the resort that really hate cats.

If you want a quiet cat, well, a Siamese cat isn't for you.
they're very noisy and loud. They are really playful and demanding of attention.
And lastly, if you want to sleep with them make sure your pillow
is big, cause they want to sleep on it too. :)

Playtime with her cute kitties! <3


  1. sweet! they look cute and playful. i remembered my early years where i wanted a cat and name it felina haha then i discovered my love for dogs and quite forgot about my childhood wish lol

  2. Oh wow cats! They're so adorable! But I'm not really a pet person... So yeah :3

  3. Ooh! I love cats :) they look so adorable <3

  4. KITTY!! I love cats, but puppies are my thing. But still.. Too cute!

  5. awwww i loveee catsss toooo :)

  6. awww...cute kitties!!! <3 so boyfie ang mahilig talaga sa pusa.. ako naman sa aso... hihihihihi :D

  7. Ang cu-cute naman nila! Natuwa namn ako sa mga names nila! hehehe!

  8. I absolutely love cats, but I think they're too spoiled. haha! but wow, I haven't seen a real-life Siamese cat. Because all my neighbors are dog-lovers, so cats are quite rare around here. -_-

  9. Cute cats. Not really a fan of animals though. Haha.

  10. Oh my heck, they are absolutely adorable and beautiful. I love cats but sadly my mom won't let me have any pets :(

  11. Wow. :)

    Haha! A lot of bloggers have so much love for cats... for some reason, I am weird that.. I tend to be afraid with cats.. especially when I look in their eyes. I don't know. I don't hate them though...

  12. Ang cute nung nag Bleh ang pusa o.O aynaa! maka gigil! gusto ko ganyan! :3 ahihi. pa breed sis! xD

    1. why not. if only you're just around in Iligan :(

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  14. Cats are really cute and adorable.. lol but then some of our cats ran away coz of the dogs.. lol we've got like 10 dogs now.. haha