Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Love for Italian Pizza

so me and my friends were cravin' for some Italian pizza,

we decided to eat at Don Vito Restorante Italiano
located at Mandarin Island Resort,
beach front, station 2, Boracay 

 cool ambiance ;]
quadro pizza XD

seafood pizza
 family size pizza 500 ~ 600

 oreo shake at its best... XD


ferrero rocher and white chocolate flavors..
sooooo yummy!~

lots of flavors to choose from.. :]
only 100 pesos 


  1. grr! every food that you had is so delicious! nuuum! I love Italian foods. parang heaven ang feeling ko pag italian foods ang kinakain ko. umaandar ang pagka BUSAW ko. hahahah xD and now I'm craving for pizza again even though I have eaten pizza this afternoon o.O