Friday, 2 December 2011

Crazy Appetite

i was kinda bored, so i went to d'mall..
wanted to go shopping but was freakin hungry.

lemme share my favorite lite snacks in the island.

sad to say Iligan doesnt have any Crazy crepes in the mall. XD

 love cookies and cream :]

 me alone.. with bunch of Koreans! LOL

Haven't seen a branch of Potato Corner in the island..
but here is where i always eat fries in D'mall

potato madness at its best...
beside RUMBAS center of D'mall
Boracay :]


  1. I have not tried crepes yet. my friends did! badtrip di ako niyaya eh kaasar lang hahaha pati sa ice monster di pa din ako nakakain. Oh ehm. next food trip ko yang mga yan hehehe

    btw, you haven't linked me yet :P

  2. I love to try out crepes.. this will be part of my food list. :)

  3. you're that close sa boracay? ENVY!!!

    Looks like you're having an awesome "me" time... gusto ko din nyan. :) xox

  4. Meron paring Ice Monster? WHERE?
    And saang branch meron ang Crazy Crepes?? OMG. Nagutom lang ako bigla!

  5. @karen beside rumbas at D'mall .. :] and crazy crepes can be found in the d'mall entrance malapit..