Sunday, 25 December 2011


it's my first time to spent Christmas with out the family..
thought it would be a BLUE Christmas but I really had fun
with my friends.

 was busy cooking for foods for our NOCHE BUENA

 I really LOVE!!! my henna tattoo.
reminds me of my cat in Iligan :[

 me and my friends at BORACAY RESIDENCES


 Poor Piggy!


 got a feathered earrings yeeey!!
from Mr. Tatsuya Segawa my Manito

 us friends with our neighbor Andrew Rolls in unit 4 :)))

Happy Holidays!
Happy Birthday Jesus! <3


  1. merry christmas Chax! I wanna have feathery earring stoo! nice outfit too! at omg! lechon =p~~ sarap sarap! ^^

  2. Love the henna tattoo and the lechon! :P

    Merry Christmas sis. I hope you enjoyed your noche buena :)


  3. What a cool henna tattoo! :)
    It seems like you still had an awesome Christmas :)

    Have a lovely week! The last of 2011 :)

  4. You celebrate you Christmas in Bora? Wow! cool lechon! :D Merry Christmas Chax <3

  5. Your outfit looks soooo fresh and nice. Bagay yung feathered earrings. :) Merry Christmas to you sis!

  6. wow! it seems you had a blast in your Christmas even if your parents are not there. That henna is so cute :3 hihi. it perfectly fits on you :) The lechon baboy looks like freaking out. hihiih. but naah! it's yummy! Merry Christmas and Happy new year! :)

  7. Happy new year! ;)

    I was just in Panay Island a few days back and it was so cold!

  8. Glad to hear that you had a good time without your family. I haven't had to do that yet but I hope when I do I will be with a bunch of friends too.
    I like your tattoo too. :)
    Nice food, I've never seen a pig roasted like that.

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