Monday, 30 April 2012

Hugyaw sa KADAGATAN ~ Kadagatan Festival 2012

Kadagatan Festival 2012

Kadagatan Festival 
is a thanksgiving for the blessings and bounty during fish expedition and fish farming of the locals.
In Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte they celebrate it every April 25 :)

Its one of the unique festivals in the Philippines cause cultural dancers showcase their artistry and 
balance while performing on the fabricated bamboo raft called "gakit" .

there are 5 bamboo rafts but these two "gakit" i liked the most! :)

me and my boyfriend went to Kauswagan around 11:30am,
we were late so we haven't seen the street dancing and the performance on the bamboo raft :/
yeah! i know it sucks! 
but still I had fun with my boyfriend and some friends :)


  1. that looks so fun! :)

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  2. It must've been fun, although you missed a lot of stuff! haha. But, at least you were with your friends and your boyfriend. :D

  3. Ohh. I had no idea about this festival. It seems fun and it's good you get to enjoy every moment of it with your boyfriend and friends, take care sis!

  4. Gakit looks cool! Sobrang colorful!
    Never heard about that festival before. very unique. :)

  5. wow ang colorful ng gakits!! glad you had fun with boyf and friends sis! ;)

  6. ang ganda nung gakit. :) Super colorful. :) Never heard of it, though. Good thing you had fun with your boyfriend and your friends. :)

  7. That looks fun! Jealous *** hihi
    So colorful

  8. Gakit! grabe ka loser mao diay na sya :D nice and really colorful festival! :) One for mindanao <3