Friday, 27 April 2012

Swimming Fools ♥

it was sooooo friggin HOT!
so we decided to spend our day at:

Holiday Pool

me and the boyfriend 
striking a pose~ 

one of the several pools found in the are,
you could also try Dela Mar Spring Pool, Mimars Springway Resort

50 pesos entrance both kids and adults :)

4.5 ft pool ~

6. 5 ft pool~

kiddie pool 
3 ft ~

conquering the slide :)

water balloon fight..
girls vs boys

PINK team!

BLUE team! 

well i had fun with my friends...


  1. The pool looks inviting!and you surely did look like you guys had fun.. Inspite the fact that our place has a bunch of pool resorts i still do enjoy visiting one..

  2. didn't get all the photos yet, when suddenly connections went down then when they're back on i cannot see the folder anymore...

  3. Ang kulet lang nung water balloon fight! Gusto ko nun! waaaaa, inggit ako. Wala pa akong swimming ngayong summer.

  4. Well...It's too hot here in the Philippines so I guess it's only natural for people to spend a lot of time in the pools. haha. It's a great way to bond with family/friends plus it will help cool down body temp:)

  5. Grabe ang init nagyun no? Sarap talaga magbabad sa tubig mag swimmming swimming!

  6. cute! What a nice place to have fun! Ang kulet ng water balloon fight! go pink team! :))

  7. Haha Buti ka pa you get to go on an outing and swimming. The weather really is scorching hot. xD I wanna go on a dip as well.

  8. seeing those pool photos makes me want to jump to it! =))