Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mimbalot Falls

It is located at Brgy. Buruun, Iligan City which is approximately 11km 
drive from the city center. 

i just love the scenic view of the huge stones.. 

 One of the 23 waterfalls of Iligan City.

 at the tree house while waiting for MR. OPERATOR
for the Cable car ride. :)

Iligan Paradise Resort boasts Iligan's most-accessible ziplines with multiple options
 (superman, double harness, single harness), and cable car rides, given at a reasonable price. 
We will eventually add quad bike rides, a swimming pool, and new methods for leisure.

 at last~ we're ridin' after 15 mins. of waiting!

thanks to my boyfriend for makin' this day special <3


  1. lovely writing!! this is very informative cha :) and yay cute photo with the boyf

  2. been to mimbalot too. :) hey sis. are you in iligan? let's meet up.

  3. Yiiii. Ang sweet! I love waterfalls. They're just something special for me. And I envy you riding on a cable car. I havent tried. :T

  4. It seems like you do a lot of travelling. I so envy you that you get to go to a lot of places! :)

    Great waterfalls! :D

  5. Ang ganda namn ng place! I really like the pictures of you two na kini kiss ka nya at yung pareho kayong nakanganga. hihihi! Cute and sweet!

  6. Haven't been in that place. I want to go because of the falls! :)

  7. i think i visited this place na sis when we had our falls hopping.. falls in iligan is so beautiful really a gift from God. ;)

  8. I love waterfalls too <3
    Nice photos esp you with your boyfie sweeeeeet :)


  9. Yay falls! I really wana try to go somewhere with falls! You're boyfriend is sweet! :)

  10. Wow! Waterfalls! Never pa ako nakapunta sa mga waterfalls. kainggit.